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Living with chronic sciatic pain
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Sciatic Pain: Signs And symptoms

If you experience prolonged physical strain or suffer injuries due to accident you may develop sciatic pain which is the direct result of sciatic nerve compression.

Injury to the spinal column, rigorous workouts, sitting for extended periods and incorrect jumping are among the common causes of sciatic pain. This can also be sustained by weight lifters lifting heavy objects improperly. Sciatic pain can lead to dysfunction of your leg and thigh muscles and peripheral nerves. As sciatic pain causes sudden interruption of your normal functioning, it's certainly considered serious.


Depending on the extent of damage, length of exposure to physical strain and type of injury sustained, different people with sciatic pain may manifest various symptoms. It is further dependent on the nerve fibers involved. But you may experience the following common symptoms:

* A burning sensation coupled with spasms in your thigh

* A tingling sensation in your legs as though you're pricked by numerous needles

* Pain that radiates from your buttocks and shoots down to your legs

* Difficulty in raising your heel

* The sides or the outer portion of your foot fell numb

If the pain is not too intense, sciatic pain may be tolerable. You may also be suffering from sciatic pain if the lower portion of your back feels stiff and rigid disrupting your normal daily activity. Standing and sudden rising from prolonged sitting can be difficult to do too. It is therefore imperative for you to move carefully to avoid aggravating your pain.

You usually experience recurring pain in your hip, buttock or leg that drives you to get some bed rest. Weakening of the involved body parts also occurs. Your pain may affect your ability to focus on your normal day to day routines. Other cases have even reportedly experienced incomplete paralysis down from the knee. And once you become paralyzed your ability to control bowel movement and urination is much affected. If not treated properly then, your pain may aggravate as it intensifies and recurs over time.

To avoid complications, sciatic pain symptoms should have medical intervention as early as possible because they can be devastating and frustrating. If you experience any of the sciatic pain symptoms mentioned above, take precautionary measures immediately.

Instead of sleeping on cushioned mattress, you must sleep on firm flat surfaces if you suffer from sciatic pain. Never attempt to lift or carry heavy objects too as it makes your condition worse. Avoid prolonged sitting as it can magnify the back pain you're experiencing. Keep your body active by engaging in exercises like swimming or rapid walking for at least half an hour everyday, as these can minimize your pain. Your doctor may also recommend hot baths and massage therapies to further alleviate your pain.

Sciatic pain symptoms are indeed unbearable so you should seek medical advice for early appropriate treatment. These symptoms can disappear in about 5 to 6 weeks if addressed accordingly.


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